Friday, May 8, 2009

Pieces of Fabric Sewn Into Love

It's called a crazy quilt. Mom used these scraps of fabric left over from the clothes she sewed for us. With loving fingers she placed them on a 12"x 12" piece of white cotton which often came from a sheet that had served it purpose. From a box under the sewing table she would work her design from the colored scraps she had placed there bit by bit over the year. This was not a piece of artwork, rather a way to keep us warm over the long winter nights in Minnesota.

I never saw her do it, or ask her about the work it took to make one. She never ask for my opinion or require praise. I knew that I would be tucked into bed with one of those quilts. Gently placed over me and tucked in under the mattress. I would spend time before I fell asleep touching the fabric pieces and trying to figure out who I saw wear the outfit in which the bulk of the fabric was used.

I don't know why, but a quilt whether it was a crazy quilt or one of her patterned quilts, it always felt warmer than a blanket. I know that the love she put into the quilt often remained there waiting for me or someone to crawl under and feel her love. Now that she has gone home to her Father, I find myself realizing how secure it felt to have the quilt over me. But mostly how blessed I was to have HER as my mother.

Happy Mother's Day Mom.


  1. Such a lovely post. We have several quilts like that made by my husband's mother that we still use between the sheets and the comforter. Since we live up north, we need them and the weight of the heavy quilts makes us feel even more cozy!

  2. What a lovely tribute to your mother, your blog posts are so inspiring Carol. God bless you

  3. Ah!! I was moved. Well I guess for every man living on this planet there is another person who gives the most unselfish love. That person is Mother, the most beautiful person God has ever created and the most beautiful word the language has ever seen!!

  4. What a truly inspiring and loving post about your mother. God bless you.