Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another creation straight from my imagination

Father's day may seem far away but for a card designer it is here and now. The funny thing is I have morphed into a completely different line of cards. The last card I showed you was also not very conventional. And I said that maybe that is where I was intended to go. You know God does point you in directions you never imagined to go.

So, He pointed and I went. This card is for that father to be. I made sure not to say happy father's day because he doesn't deserve it yet and yet I am sure he is thinking that next year at this time he will be a full fledged father. I wish I could say I thought of the idea, but no, I was ask about a card from a gushy new to be grandmother.

So again, I hope you enjoy it. God bless all those who visit my little site.


  1. Hi Carol, this is a really good idea. The card is so cute. I love to make cards. I am just awful about sending them though. I made a birthday card for one of my daughters in law and her birthday has long since passed. Her lovely handmade card is still in a container filled with stamps, glitter and all the other goodies. I tell her about it all the time and we get a good laugh out of "her card".

  2. wonderful card and great idea, I just love it.

  3. Wow!!
    Nice idea!!
    Well, I don't know much about card making, but do you make only single cards or send your cards to print and make many copies??
    Hope you got my question!!

  4. By the way, my sister likes art a lot and is an avid painter. She happened to pass through your blog and she appreciated it a lot!!Especially She liked your graduation card a lot!!
    I just wanted you to know that!!

  5. Oh Carol! I love that card sew much....I know exactly what you mean about God leading you into a different direction too....Have a happy and blessed Holiday weekend.....