Monday, May 25, 2009

A Guy and His Boat

When you live in northern Minnesota you find that most guys own a boat. And let me tell you there are as many varieties of boats as there are little fishies in the lake. And a tackle box to match.

But that is not what this subject is about. Last night my husband fried up some of his catch. In this case it was walleye and that's considered a favorite by many. He leaves for a week every summer and head north, that mean Canada when you live in northern Minnesota.

I am glad he can leave everything behind for a week and that includes me. I am sure that when he drives out of the driveway with my brother for that once a year adventure he forgets he has another life. I envy him for that.
How often can a gal say that her husband leaving for a week is something both can share. I get time to myself and he gets time with his guy friends and we both sit down and enjoy a meal together when the catch comes home. Once again the circle is complete.

God Bless those to visit my site but especially to those who follow my moments in time.


  1. Yum...I can SO relate.
    However, I would probably be begging to go on the fishing trip with them rather than stay home. I love to fish!

  2. Hi Carol. You have an award waiting for you to pick up on my blog. Hugs.