Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who am I in this family?

I often ask that, I am in a fractured family. I married my husband and with him came a grown family. This has always been a mystery to me. Who am I or who should I be. I always said treat me like a friend. I didn't come into this family to take over someones position that can never be taken. I came into the family to love my husband, anything after that was a blessing.

A couple of days ago I was ask by a man in his 60's for a card he could send to a man that had treated him like a son all his life. I starred into his eyes and said thanks. He looked back in wonder and said "Does this mean you can make me one". I smiled and said I would be proud.

What a world we live in these days with all the fractured families. And a new demand on card makers. Maybe this is my true calling, and since I understand the problem and live it, I could make a difference. So, here is what I call stepson card, mostly because there is not easy word to use to describe those people who just love.

I hope you enjoy the card.


  1. Beautiful card, Carol. I'm sure the giver as well as the receiver both loved it! :)

  2. true!!
    This is one small example how the human bonds between people (especially the one with parents) are dwindling!!
    Nice Card!!

  3. Beautiful card--and a wonderful idea.

  4. Awww this was a mushy post !!! I kinda got that stingy feeling in my eyes trying to hold back the potential tears !!! (ok I can't believe I just admitted that!!)

    I'm sure the bond that you share with your family is something no one would be able to put into words :)