Monday, May 11, 2009

Things I don't do with my husband....

Flower shopping at the greenhouse. Years ago I thought that would be a great day out. I can see it now, me pushing the cart, John leaning over the cart carefully putting plants as he looks up with stars in his eyes about us being together. But that was not the way it went.

We have forty five minutes to the nearest greenhouse. I sat next to him in the pickup with a warm cup of coffee, listening to my favorite songs and thinking of what and how many plants we could us. He was surely enjoying the quietness of the trip and me, I felt he needed time to make his plans.

We arrived and there it was, wall to wall flowers. I know for a fact I was in heaven. Stepping into the store was were it happened.

Honey, what are we getting? His response, I haven't thought about it, what? I shrieked, if only I had a brown bag to breath in. Without my look of confusion we started down the isle.

That was the day I knew we were never going to do this again. See the problem is he hardly breaths and I can suck the air out of any room. Moral of this story, always smile and say wow, you can do such a great job without me. He knows the truth but I really think he is happy I don't want to go anymore.

By the way, I hope all the mothers in our country and world had a loving day. May God Bless.



  2. Well, that's the thing required for a good relationship!!

  3. Great story Carol! My husband is more the green thumb than I am. But, I pick the plants and he digs the holes, I plant the plants and he keeps them fertilized and watered. :-) BiG HUGS!!! Katherine
    P.S. garden photo is lovely

  4. Beautiful bee balm!
    I love going to the greenhouse with my hubby, but he always says; "Where will you put them, you have no more room!"
    Silly man.

  5. You guys are funny, where are you going to put them. They have to be kidding, I actually go by myself a few times. He never asks just smiles.

  6. That's funny! I have a few places that I exlude my boyfriend from too...sometimes it's better to keep the peace.