Friday, March 11, 2011

It's a Peep Alert.

It's Easter time again, and one of my favorite candies during the Easter season is the Peep. Yes, I could live on them. I buy them and open them up to the air. The biggest problem is, my favorite state of Peep is hard. I usually don't make it to that stage. Once opened I loose control. I am addicted. I wonder through the stores keenly keeping my eyes open to the Peeps name. I often think, that if I buy three boxes of six peeps, I will have them over a week. Dreamer that I am it never works.

I know my husband truly loves me because yesterday he brought home one package of Peeps. He must know me well. I opened them up and have been drawn to them more than once. I pledge to make them last till next week. The challenge is on.

You must excuse me, the Peeps are calling....I can resist.

Easter Season is my favorite. Jesus died for us. I love that guy.


  1. this is great. Mu husband loves them all hard and dries out too. I'm smiling big right now. Love K

  2. I wuv Peeps in all shapes, forms and conditions.

  3. I think they are filled with Heroin or Crack because I MUST, and I mean MUST finish a package when I open one too....I am ADDICTED. Better for me not to buy any!