Monday, March 28, 2011

All for me?

Hi it's Austin here, I wanted to tell you about the backyard. I have to say, it's been a real mess.
I've had to put up with such abuse, like my paws wiped off. I can tell you that the dirt added lots of fun to my life and couldn't understand how so much fun could be so much trouble. As they brought in all the materials to cover the dirt, I did what I could, ran along side of Carol as she got wagons of mulch from the fun pile. She wasn't as appreciative as I had hoped with my help. I often got nose to nose with John, trying to advise his placing the rocks around the pond. Again, with a firm voice he instructed me to move. Humm.

But here we are with this great back yard. When all was said and done, it must have been for me. All this work, for me....what a great thing for my humans to do. It is the best obstacle course I could have ever dreamed about. But I must ponder on the pond. This could be good.

But for now, it's fun to dream...what next are they doing for me.



  1. Those humans must really love you....

  2. Those humans work hard to have water in a circle:)

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