Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Four of Us.

When I first saw this picture at a very young age, I thought to myself..."great no brothers" it was just the four of us. The thought that we were given the opportunity to have our picture taken with Mom and Dad alone was such a coo.

As years went on and Doreen became more and more beautiful and I got more and more gawky, I noticed that at this one time in life, I was as cute as her. Little did I know that me growing out of gawkiness, and I did, would open a new world of beauty.

This is just a start to my journey with a beautiful sister. As I write, you will either find humor in my travel or truly understand. She is not just beautiful on the outside and my journey opened me up to the person I love and call sister.

God Bless my Family and Friends

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  1. Such a wonderful picture that captures so much! Sisters are great, aren't they?