Monday, November 22, 2010

Paint by number...not.

I decided to get a little painting done over the last week. I usually paint before I place my furniture in the room for the first time. However, since my husband was tasked to buy a house without my help. I decided to take my time on painting.

The dining room is one of the rooms I look at when sitting in the living room. So of course I had to do it next. I hope you enjoy the difference, paint is very inexpensive and yet does wonders for a room.

Have a great day everyone and God Bless


  1. Oh my, I love both colors! Can you share what paint and color you used?

    PS: I like the wainscoting lighter!!

  2. Love it! It really brightens up the area!

  3. Bright and cheery, like you!! I'm sure you'll make many joyful moments in that room. Happy Thanksgiving!!