Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Once a bridesmaid...six times more a bridesmaid.

Good Morning...I once said that the first time I had to appear in a wedding, that was going to be my last. But being part of a large family, proved impossible to get my wish. Maybe I was a little cute due to the fact that they kept asking, or should I say telling me, that I was going to be in the next wedding.

I chose this picture to show how young and pretty we all were. I framed my sister and me to show you one thing I have talked about before. Her beauty, unlike my complaining about it, I was truly proud of her. In fact I wanted to be like her. I have to say that looking at the old pictures just proved that maybe I was a little hard on myself. Giving the fact that she was older, had a job, and by the way had a lot more taste than I did.

But this is my point. Someone to look up to isn't all bad. Even when we find the person way to hard to measure up to. But because of her and time, she was and is, a great role model. I didn't become her, why, because I am me. And in the end, I'm loving this beautiful sister. When we stand together we are equal in mind and love for each other and that is the best part of sisters.

God Bless all those around me and visit my little blog.


  1. A sweet post and I love that picture too! I've got four sissies to look up to!

  2. What do you mean "were"? You are still young and pretty!!

  3. you are both adorable in that photo!

  4. The photo is beautiful, and great to have a large family with weddings

  5. What a wonderful photograph my sweet friend. Hugs!