Saturday, October 30, 2010

Witch is true?

A few years ago, for a red hat party, I actually dressed up as a witch, I even painted my face. The look was...well shall I say, interesting.

The best part is that I often think to myself...witch am I? Someone true to my beliefs or that person dressed up in the uniform of the dark. Do I look at everything and give it proper thought before making judgement.

In today's society, they want you to be PC proper. I have decided that it's important to take a stand. To be an individual, to stand up and be counted. If that makes me a witch, so be it. But one thing I know, I am true to my belief and stand by them. I am not angry, threading, or down right mean. I live my days being the best person I can be. I also, don't pick fights.
So, everyone who knows me can make the determination of what they believe I am. For me, witch or not, I am me.

Happy Halloween to those who stop in and visit my little blog.


  1. You definitly are a good witch ;o) I strive to be a good witch but some days it's hard...LOL Happy Halloween, Carol!!

  2. Oh sweetie pie, I would never think of you as a witch. But always as an angel. Hugs!