Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When a baby becomes an Aunt

When I was five, I became an aunt to my oldest brothers new addition. I told mom that I was not going to be an aunt again. I felt saying it added a measure of truth to life. At five I was wrong again. I also didn't know that Kevin was going to warm my heart and for the first time I was feeling possessive.

Kevin was small and surely needed me to protect him. Who else better than me, with my vast knowledge of life. Now love for me was something new. I felt loved and knew that even if my brothers and sister teased me, they loved me. But at age five, I didn't really know what love was. Kevin opened a new door for me.

Don't get me wrong, I was still standing akimbo on my demand that this was going to be the last. I should have known that wouldn't work. Mostly because I had only a year or some before said I would never be in a wedding again. The same brother. He was truly becoming a problem.

After many years Kevin still owns a part of my heart. And when I think of him, I think of him as my little brother. Nice change of pace over being the youngest.

The moral of this story is...sometimes don't say never again, when you receive something so special as Kevin in your life.

God Bless those who travel through my little world called Balsam Ponds by Design


  1. Just spent the weekend with my wonderful nieces and nephews! What a blessing they are at any age!

  2. How cute, I love the picture. Did you get more nieces and nephews?