Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Tried didn't work.

I alluded to the first time I remember taking a big stand against something. The first time I did it when appearance was at stake was the wedding of the oldest brother. They wanted me to be the flower girl. All I knew was I didn't like the idea. Because I would have to stand next to a boy. Now, after six brothers and their friends I figured I had had enough boys.

Once again I used the NO word when I didn't have a choice. I don't remember much about this whole event; I do remember finally getting put into the dress and handed this basket. Ok, it didn't hurt much yet. But at the church came this guy with a camera. This was not happening. I decided that throwing my basket might do it. Didn't work. So the first picture is what the world saw.
The second photo is what we really thought about this whole thing. His face says it all.

I was a good girl the rest of the day. Maybe being in the lime light wasn't so bad. Especially when I realized all I had to do was smile and walk next to that boy. But I was hoping this would end it. Little did I know.

God Bless those who smile at my life events.


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