Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picture Me Proud.

When I came upon this one, I just had to smile. Don't the boys look good, all decked in their suits and seeing only the many possibilities facing them.

Of course, I don't remember them looking like this. They were just my brothers. Marv, who you saw in one of my last story and my brother Bob to the right look confident. The important part is that they were, my family projected confidence and resolve.

Dad and Mom taught us well. The possibilities are endless. Unlike today, we were told we had to work hard and we would earn our reward. Not only in the work place but in our family and in our faith.

They learned well from Mom and Dad and today they don't have to project confidence, they are confident. Not only in business but in family and faith. It's great to be surrounded by good people. I am blessed.



  1. yes you are blessed. and I am blessed by your friendship. Hugs!

  2. Great picture!!!! Of course you'd smile--we all are!

  3. Ah brothers. That is a very cool picture!