Saturday, March 6, 2010

What can I say.

I want to thank you for your words of understanding. I found that my family and friends understood more than I gave them credit for. The tears that fell while reading and talking to them was as much for the loss as for the outpouring of love that came from everyone.
The last couple of days have been pure hell, the morning after her departure, my life had changed from a guardian of such a loving pet to a heart that was broken and a feeling of being alone. And since John was going through it with me we hugged and did little projects to use up the day.
For those of you that shared the stories of your loved pets, thanks, I knew that I was not alone in hurt and that I too would feel better with time.
God Bless all those who visit my little world.


  1. Aww I must have missed a post or two.. so sorry for your loss

  2. We're all feeling your pain and loss Carol *hugs*

    This might bring a smile to your face .. I've left you the Beautiful Blogger Award on my blog .. do come by when you feel like x

  3. It is good to fill your house with noise and activity so it doesn't feel so empty...time will help. My thoughts are still with you...

  4. Oh my goodness, Carol, I am so, so sorry for your loss. I can only guess at how hard it must be for you. We will be thinking of you and Timber.