Saturday, January 16, 2010

Valentines Day is a comming.

I think I mentioned that I decided that I miss designing the cards on the holiday. So, I decided to design for the next years sales around the holiday instead of doing Valentine cards in December for the February holiday. So here is my first 2011 Valentine card. I think it will be fun to design without pressure. However, I seem to work great under pressure. Giggle.

I hope you enjoy the card. I think it's so very different. I am trying to get away from just red hearts on white paper. What do you think, should I do more that look different or do you prefer the red, white and black look?

I need to take new pictures but wanted to share the card with you.

God bless those in Haiti and all of you.



  1. I like it! I always try to do something that isn't the traditional pink, red and white.

  2. I work better under pressure too.

    The first thing I thought when I saw the cards was, how nice a V day card that isn't pink.

  3. So lovely!! Yes, a nice change from the traditional V-Day colors.

  4. It is wonderful. I agree that different colors besides the pink red and white is a nice change.