Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two smiles warm my heart.

I have been graced with wonderful people to support and just be my friend. Though out the years I have been blessed. But when two little souls entered my life and I found them so heart warming, it made me want to show everyone the faces that warm my heart. This is Wolfgang and Cordaye, when I first met them through their mother, and my dear friend, I was so taken by their personality.

Just before Christmas I was sent a picture of Cordaye being in a band, and a picture of Wolfgang with a huge fish, yes huge. I decided that I would make them each a Christmas card to tell them that Santa was surely proud of them. The mom was kind enough to take a picture of them holding the cards.

Cordaye is like her mom, so very talented and creative. Wolfgang has his fathers strength and loving smile. Please post pictures of your heart warming children you have met on your blogs to let them know how special.

But for today, Cordaye and Wolfgang warm my heart. And am blessed to know them. Love you guys.



  1. So they don't live near you? They are adorable

  2. How cute! You sure can tell they are brother and sister!