Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Pickle for your thoughts...

I bet that peaked your interest? What makes this interesting is that we knew when we moved east that things would be different. Temperatures, seasons, people, but what we failed to imagine was that pickles would be one of them.
I came from a farming family and we canned and ate everything we produced. Pickles and jelly were on the table for every meal. We fell in love with homemade dill pickles and could eat as many as we wanted. Well, you know what I mean.

When we started to buy pickles the favorite of my Mom and Dad was Gedney dill pickles. As I purchased my own pickles they became Gedney Baby Dill Pickles. Not kosher, quartered, or big would due.

The first time we went to replenish our supply we were shocked. There in the grocery isle was a small almost unwanted section for pickles. Kosher dill, and sweet pickles graced the selves. We did our best at trying to find our favorite but there was none.

So, here it is, the two quart, six pack we brought with us from Minnesota. Unlike other things pickles are my comfort food from home. And replacing it with less will not work.

Just my thoughts on this Sunday afternoon.


  1. Man, those pickles are huge. I bet you could put an eye out with shooting juices with every bite.


  2. I know! I have lived in different parts of the country, and am always surprised that certain products are unattainable elsewhere...and when you try and substitute another brand, the seasonings aren't even close!
    We have a meat company here called Vollwerth's and they make a special holiday sausage that they only release once a year. I had to bring some to my daughter in Florida,she missed it so much.
    And then we have a potato chip that is called Dilled Pickles flavor. I don't like them,but many people move from here and then write back and ask for some to be sent.

  3. Being a southern girl, I can relate! When i lived in CA the local grocer did not carry grits. Can you imagine?! I asked them to order them for me and they did! Maybe you could talk to the store manager and request your beloved pickles.

  4. Of all things pickles. funny. I have a hard time in a new grocery store let alone moving across the country.
    Good luck and I suggest asking the store my Kens dressing that way. :)

  5. I'm not a fan of pickles actually but it sure looks yummy:D