Tuesday, February 3, 2009

His Best Catch...Me!

Funny how I show you a picture of my husband John and a fish, not of us. But after 22 years you see things a little different. He is hunter, fisherman, golfer, and business man. And he is mine. Johns blood runs hot with French Indian, and true American. I used to say, "I dated the Frenchman and married the Indian." I was right, he is so easy going that at times I have to see if he is still breathing. He is by far the most steadfast person I have ever met. He brings balance to the German he married. I love that part of him. But he is a man.....

Flowers and gifts don't show up out of the blue, every once and while I say, with a smile so sly, I feel flowers coming from someone soon. Than after a month, it happens. See he makes sure I don't get them when I ask. But the man loves me. I know this how? Because after 22 years of me he is still sticking around.

After writing this I guess he is my greatest catch. Don't tell him. He thinks he is the lucky one.


  1. What a sweet post.
    Nice blog, it can definitely become addicting :)

  2. You are one lucky gal, your posts are interesting and enjoyable. Ill be back.

  3. It sounds like the two of you are both very very lucky - or blessed - or however you want to look at it. I think your happiness flows over into your art. That's a beautiful thing.

  4. What a lovely post. You two are so lucky. I'm sitting here smiling just reading it!