Monday, February 9, 2009

Detail Becomes Passion

Someone ask me what makes my cards different from the thousands that are out there for sale? It's a hard question to hear, I tell them there are people out their having fun with paper, some just wanted to have a fun and then there is me and others like me who have a passion. Passion is important it makes cutting a piece of paper exciting. I have been designing and drawing since I was little. So this is just an extension of me.
I love each card as though it is a priceless piece of art. I think being a graphic designer for 20 years made me aware of each process it takes to create the masterpiece. Yes, I call it a masterpiece. I do this because I love to create. And what makes me excited is thinking someone out their will smile or maybe shed a tear with delight when receiving a card designed by me.

But for now, I am the passion behind my designing and that is everything.

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