Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is it Creativity or Luck ?

I will give the information and you make the decision. It always starts with the client. I do a lot of custom cards. In fact my largest sales are in custom orders. So this article is going to be about one of these cards. My niece ordered a wedding card. First go into my book of words to find out what I am going to us. This book of words is a collection of sentiments I have created over the years. I chose my sentiment, but these words were written for a card on the day of the wedding. Alisa needed a wedding card for a reception a month later. The words had to change to reflect the difference in time.

The next step, once the words are selected is the tone of the card. I had a photo in mind so there we go. I started with the photo, a beautiful tulip shot taken by Brandy, a friend. How was it going together, one piece at a time, that never changes. Base paper, designer paper, each laying out on my drawing table till my heart sings yes. The picture you see is the materials I decided on. I always do a dry run. Sometimes at this point I have to add or delete a process. But as the card builds, and hopefully I don't glue before the piece is ready to go down gives me the chance for the last thoughts. The last thoughts are what makes the card. In this case it is the butterflies the gems. The dry run turned out good but not as great as the one that followed.

Finally the process is done and the card is being pressed under weight to seal all the corners and making it dry extremely flat. I always leave my card for 24 hours. Mostly because after working hard on it, I seem to be too close to the project. The next morning when I take it out of press is when I know if I created something special or just another good card. I have to say that in the morning, it always looks different and better than the night before.
I finish it by packaging it in a plastic sleeve that shows the envelope and the words that are in the inside of the card.

So what do you think creativity or luck.

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