Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Just Don't Think Group

Let me introduce you to the group. There is always a group that gets together regardless of good sense and that is where the name of the group comes from. We never hesitate to get together whether it means traveling together or meeting for a Christmas tree burning party. Somehow we never think it out.

Valentines weekend is one of those weekend. Three couples travel to our home to have a little cheer and drink a little wine, oh maybe a lot of wine. And partake of too much food. This group has been meeting for over 20 years at our house. I might add that we never invited them to come. Marv, and his wife Diane started the movement. It all started one weekend in our rustic cabin, that weekend it was 20 below and our cabin was not fully insulated due to it being under construction. Diane, after the first night, said she was going to sleep in the fridge. When ask why, she said that the water on the counter was frozen, but the water in the fridge was not. No further questions asked.

We have grown to love each other not only for our compatibility but for our differences. And to top it all off this is our family. From left to right is, my blood brother Vern, Dorothy his wife, John my man, Marv another blood brother, Dar wife of the last guy in the picture, Gene. Diane was missing and we always miss someone who just doesn't think and plans a trip during this time. We love her anyway.
When you see wood products on my sites, brother Gene is the creative person behind the items he is truly talented. Most of my family is.

In closing I wish you all great friends, and if they are family you are truly blessed.

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