Friday, January 30, 2009

Am I Losing My Touch?

In the last few years I went from baking my fool head off to hardly baking. Baking was once my hobby, but with us getting older, eating all I baked was not doing us any good. So, now I bake for special occasions. This time it was for dear friends wintering in Florida. I decided to make them chocolate chip cookies and my favorite, usually made only at Christmas, divinity. This delight isn't baked but cooked. For those of you who do not know about divinity it is basically sugar, lots of sugar. Anyway, since it's only made once a year, it in it's self is a challenge.

This morning after cookies, the pot went on the stove and sugar and corn syrup was put to heat. I know what you are thinking? Sure hope there is something good to put in with the sugar. No, not really. Anyway, this story would not be interesting without an incident. Everything was going great, thermometer read 260 degrees and off I went, beat the egg whites till they peaked, poured the hot corn syrup into the egg whites, and added the vanilla. All looked great. I continued to beat the beautiful mixture till the shine left the white sugar batter.

Then it happened, I tilted the beaters up. Yes, you heard me right, up. Right before my eyes in a matter of seconds batter was flying though the air. Covering my four legged friend, Timber and everything close. The thing I didn't tell you is that you have to act fast because this sugar delight becomes very dense and becomes a very solid mass. So one has to move fast. Unfortunately, I had to leave the mess while spooning the candy out of the bowl. I made it, candy came out great and no one will know the difference. Smile. So, Tom and Jim, this mess was for you.

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