Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Balsam Ponds by Design

I wanted to start off right, whatever that means. My husband and I have always created wonderful homes. Very creative and interesting. But all of a sudden we stopped building and settled down. We designed and decorated. We were creative together and then he made all the designs possible. We worked so great together but after a while we wanted more, he wanted to play more golf and me..... what was I going to do?

It dawned on me. What I used to do, graphic design. But I was no longer in that business and it had been fifteen years ago. While we were sitting on the porch watching the bees hovering over flowers it came to me. We raised our glass of wine to my next journey. Something I had done for years for family and friends. Greeting cards, that was it. As always my next journey started once again in my garden with my husband and dog Timber.

My garden, Gods artwork, wow, I think this is where I will start.

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