Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And the landscaping begins.

It seems like yesterday we put the final stain on the pergola.  But it was a few months ago. In that time John has viewed the backyard in wonder of what he was going to do next. It's like a little boy with Lego's.  The planning for John is everything. I love to see his brain working. He never rushes into anything and that's what makes him so successful. 

He started about two weeks ago with the fire pit. We wanted to add a look of warmth to the gardens that will add a little conversation place other than the pergola. Mind you we probably will never use it. But it sure looks good. This fire was of course for pictures. We are working from left to right in the backyard. Starting from the pond area and will finish with...we really not sure as yet.  But check in throughout the summer and see where we are going. You will know as soon as we do.

As always God Bless all and to my family...I love you.

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