Monday, January 16, 2012

Where have I been?

Most of my time has been spent recoverating from retail.  And maybe catching up with my designing.  But mostly recouping my true balance in mind and body.   I spent time getting the house back to order, designing and napping. But mostly thanking God for giving me the strength to make it through another holiday retail event. 

I knew I was coming around when I saw these Muppet hats. They were wonderful, I don't know if anyone would ever really wear them, but coming from Minnesota, I thought... what a great joke to send home. After calling John for his thoughts, we went to work making them even more funny.  We took a picture wearing them and ask in reply the recipient do the same and send a picture back wearing those special hats. 

For days the thought of those hats arriving made us smile. We also hoped that they loved them and would get the same happiness even for a day. 

God Bless everyone who travels through this small blog.

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