Saturday, February 26, 2011

My First Day at Doggie Day Care

My people are full of surprises. We dropped Carol off at work, and off we went, guys on a mission. We didn't get far and the car stopped. I have to say I like adventures but always being brave is hard. We left the car, me in my leash and John on his own mission. Veterinarian, no? The door opened and two dogs ran out. Ok, this must be dangerous. So, I backed up and slipped through my collar and went back to the car.

John called and I have learned to stop. Back in we went. I was wrong, they were nice. And so, if a picture is worth a thousand words, I posed for the camera. It follows me everywhere. A group picture was requested with my new friends. I have to say, this was really fun.

But with every outing, I am really tired. Looking for a nap. So I must sign off.

Once again, I hope for all my followers, big bones to chew, loving people to hold you.
Austin, of Austin Woods Court.

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