Saturday, February 19, 2011

I lost the wind under my wings.

It seems that when things go down hill they won't stop. I told you that I was fighting some issues. The biggest one is that I am an artist with a good heart. I love to contribute but always say that I am an artist and so my writing skills are colorful, not perfection.

In the last two week three people decided to rewrite my posts on the association blog. Without me, there would be no blog. I felt communication was important, and that people would honor my artistic mind. People who know it all are often not thoughtful people. I would rather be me than them.

The president and vice president have been ask to write posts for the blog. But in stead took time to rewrite one of mine. Even thought I stated that I was an artist and not a writer, I would give them a break. This week I ask my husband to just proof read my article. His response was that he had reworked three paragraphs and have a question on the other two. Oh my, my heart sunk and I felt myself fall to the ground. I tell you this because, it always helps when I write things. Something is wrong with this statement, the thing that makes me feel good is now something I shouldn't do.

When I lost the air under my wings I also lost my creativity and for that reason, I must take a break from writing. I will come back but not till the hurt has subsided.

I will be reading your blogs, as I have always done. I read to laugh, cry, pray and rejoice. I don't read to pick out the comma, or the structure of a sentence. I want to hear it in your words and adds color to my world. Once again I want to thank you letting me write and letting me be me.

God Bless all of you.

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