Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just when you think you've seen it all....

What a day, the humans took me for another ride. This time my leash came with us. I was prepaired for another car ride and I was sure I could keep my breakfast down. At least I hoped. I am loving this ride thing.
Then we pulled into this place full of trees, and other things. What was John up too. Oh my gosh, Carol opened my door and clipped on my leash. This was new.

On top of it she wanted me to jump out. Really, I am a puppy, what is she thinking....ok, I will try. I made it, of course I looked as though I knew I could. What next was coming. We walked through this wonderful place with smells that would send you out of this world. We picked out two bushes and started back to the car, I thought.

But no, into this building, I didn't want to go. But John assured me we were ok. I met three new humans, got a treat, and back into my car.

Once again, I am truly worldly and no one knew I was new at this.

As always buffs to all of you that travel through MY blog.

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