Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What's with the yard?

It's time to get back to our yard, bring more life to a plain landscape. We are a little behind due to a fence job. Our neighbor decided to put a fence and it would attach to ours. So we decided to have some of the fence replaced. And at the same time enlarge our fenced in area. This was before Austin came into our life. We are happy with the results but since we hired it done, it took away from our lawn budget. It was worth it.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.

We are excite to pick up the pace on our landscaping. So finishing the back yard and doing a little in the front yard is important. Beauty and brawn make such a great team. I know you know which one I am.

God Bless all those who travel through my little blog.

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  1. Hi, very nice property, and you've got a lot of space in front of the house. It can be done a VERY NICE landscaping project there, with a lot of different flowers and a small Fontaine. And your neighbors will be very jealous... :) your property will be for real, the first in your community... Think about and Good Luck !