Sunday, January 23, 2011

I can ride.

My people and I go for a ride in this moving thing, they refer to as a car. I really wasn't sure I liked it. Mostly because I would lose my breakfast and you know, as a puppy I need that stuff. It's not bad eaten twice. I digress. Anyway, yesterday morning we went for a ride. That's what they call it. I started to get the sway to the left, sway to right and when to put my body in a hold position. All I have to do is watch the road. Once again, I realized how smart I am.

They say I have to get ready for my trip to Minnesota this summer. Whatever that means. However, I am willing to ride with them. Get it ride with them. I am overly cute.

Anyway, I was thinking, if I get to go with them, I don't stay home in my room. I can learn to ride.

Buff to all those reading my blog.


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