Friday, April 30, 2010

What was I thinking?

I told you about my new lunch purse and figure you know that I got a job. After loosing Timber I knew my time would be different. A part time job was my answer. I love working but wanted to do something to keep me busy, but NOT have all the responsibility.

Was it written on my face, or do I look like the type that wants responsibility. My new part time job is working in jewelry, where things are really complex. Everyone works so hard and help each other. Making it hard not to get caught up in learning and wanting to be part of the story. Stocking shelves, straightening out shelves and maybe bagging. But no... right of the bat they looked at me and said I know where I want you. Oh boy.

But I have to say, I think I'm going to like it. I found this picture in my art and know it has nothing to do with retail sales. But after the first four hours on my new, NOT responsible, job this is how I looked. What was I thinking?

Have a great weekend all.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's a Gerber kind of day.

I took this picture about a half hour ago. Gerber daisy is becoming my favorite. The plant is so bold looking, with strong stems and large colorful flowers. I love coming back to gardening. It has been a long time. But both John and I wanted to give this some thought. A new southern location with so much new and more possibilities.

I know many of you who remembered Balsam Ponds wondered what we are up too. Not much...giggle. I am taking lots of pictures so once changes are made, I will let you see the progress. But for now, this daisy will have to do.
Happy Sunday to all.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Father to be....

I wanted to show you a new design for Father's Day. I was ask last year if I could design a card that didn't say happy father's day but say, you are going to be a father. I designed one for last year it sold right away. But this year I wanted to make it lighter in color. Did I go too far? I am sorry it's so soft looking but the card is soft. Yiks, what was I thinking. Tomorrow I will put my last years picture on the site.

Have a great Saturday


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Way too cool for my job.

Giggles all the way around. I realized the first week of working part time, that I needed, every so often, lunch. When we moved I decided certain things had to go. A very tough lunch cooler that had worked way too hard for me over 10 years.

The first lunch I had to bring was in a canvas bag. Ugly, I might say, I had to look a little cooler, or at least try, not my strong point. Helen gave me one for my birthday, and I might say it's cool. John corrected me a few times when I called it a lunch box, he called it my new and improved title, lunch purse. I like it.

So, once again, I am cooler due to the friends I have. Lesson to me...keep my friends. Giggle.

God Bless those who travel through my little world.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Supper Club

My last post talked about friends, old ones and new ones. Opening the door in South Carolina has been easy. People in this state are wonderful. Living in Minnesota most of my life, we heard about Minnesota nice. Well, I have to say, South Caroline measures high in friendly. This picture is of our first "Supper Club" there are four couples that get together once a month for supper and friendship.

John and I hosted the first, and did the Minnesota Hot Dish plan. Yes, hot dishes. Giggle. To tell you how wonderful the new friends are, they loved them. But that's a different subject. Today I just want to show you who is making feel so welcome here in the south.

God Bless all that travel through my blog.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friendship and Me

I found over the years, that friendship has confused me. I like the way I veiw my life and often wonder what people see in clinging friendships. I have been hurt more by having friends than not. Was I trying to make friends out of the wrong people and that's the reason I got hurt? Maybe there's more truth to that than I know.

Last night as I lie awake, staring at the ceiling, thinking about life. I was reviewing my life regarding friendship. As I thought and stared, I realized how many friends I really have, strong friends that have stood beside me without the friendship title looming over their heads. I totally missed it. When did they arrive in my life and how.

Light in the attic came on. I didn't pick them, we together picked each other. In my search for friends or lack of, I got some. Maybe we don't cling, and I think that's really important to a loner type person like me. Maybe friendship just happens, when someone steps out and opens the friendship door. I am so blessed that this happened to me and I am so glad I finally see it.

God Bless those who are my new and old friends. You know who you are. Today, I see you through different eyes. I am loving it.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Picture Tuesday

Over the last two weeks I have been getting trained for my new part time job, and still working on, life after Timber. These are both big changes so I have been neglecting my friends. But want you to know that I am still out here. I plan to get back to normal soon. Yesterday when my husband was having coffee on the porch he spotted and took this picture. It made me smile, hope it does the same for you.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Work Begins

I try to come up with cards that others have not thought of. This is my latest, it's for a mom to be given by her parents. Enjoy the look. This truly has a lot of layers and love. Have a great weekend friends.

Friend, mother, daughters they all need to be praised.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Give Me a Fork

I know my birthday was last week, however, during lent I give up sweets and I guess a birthday cake is classified sweets. On my birthday John didn't surprise me with a cake, I was a little sad. However, I knew he didn't want me, to want it and not be able to have it.

Saturday came and as always, a trip to the hardware store was in his plan. He came home with this cake, it was small, cute and chocolate. Sunday I could eat it. I planned for a fork and coffee and eat till I couldn't. Small, personal and mine. Not so fast, he said WE could have it with Easter dinner. Oh no, we had to share it. After the shock, I smiled and said, did you buy ice cream. He gave me that loving smile and said of course.

God Bless those who travel through my little blog.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Greetings

Easter Wishes to all who follow my little blog. Today is time for church and family. Love goes out to my family in Minnesota. Miss you guys.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yesterday was my Birthday

My followers know on my birthday, I try to look back. Did I try to grow, was I nice to all, and did I grow in faith. But yesterday I didn't feel like doing that. Looking back hurt a little too much. I could hardly get beyond Timbers death. But than I said that it's part of growning. It's getting beyond the thoughts and look at the package in it's entirety, good and bad.

Since Thankgiving, the last time I did this, I have met new friends, and when you move to another part of the country, it may seem hard to do. However, I smiled and stepped out of my house and friends came to me. I am so blessed. Starting with my neighbor Helen to Donna who loves designing cards as much as I do. And finding out my Minnesota friends continue to be my true friends.

Being balanced in social gatherings is always a hard one for me. I have a few soap boxes I like to stand on. They truly are important, but I need to understand that standing on a box is no way to pass on ones thoughts. Better at this but not as good as I could be.

Faith, I am exceeding at but most of my faith as Christian, Catholic, is excepting things I cannot change and staying off the soap box. Always work.
So I think I have done well. Accepting the my loss has been hard but getting easy with the friends all around me. Wether it's virtual friends and friend friends I have grown. Thanks to Katie at Friendship Society at for you have grown a site for all that want to just be friends.

Love to all my friends and God bless you all.