Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's a Gerber kind of day.

I took this picture about a half hour ago. Gerber daisy is becoming my favorite. The plant is so bold looking, with strong stems and large colorful flowers. I love coming back to gardening. It has been a long time. But both John and I wanted to give this some thought. A new southern location with so much new and more possibilities.

I know many of you who remembered Balsam Ponds wondered what we are up too. Not much...giggle. I am taking lots of pictures so once changes are made, I will let you see the progress. But for now, this daisy will have to do.
Happy Sunday to all.


  1. Beautiful shot of a beautiful flower!

  2. Hi Carol
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    Have a wonderful Sunday and I love your gerber daisy, so pretty!

  3. A lovely photo my sweet friend. My husband (Sparky) loves Gerber daisies too. Hugs xo