Thursday, April 22, 2010

Way too cool for my job.

Giggles all the way around. I realized the first week of working part time, that I needed, every so often, lunch. When we moved I decided certain things had to go. A very tough lunch cooler that had worked way too hard for me over 10 years.

The first lunch I had to bring was in a canvas bag. Ugly, I might say, I had to look a little cooler, or at least try, not my strong point. Helen gave me one for my birthday, and I might say it's cool. John corrected me a few times when I called it a lunch box, he called it my new and improved title, lunch purse. I like it.

So, once again, I am cooler due to the friends I have. Lesson to me...keep my friends. Giggle.

God Bless those who travel through my little world.


  1. Carol, I love your 'lunch purse'! It puts other lunch containers to shame. You are totally cool!

  2. Very stylish lunch purse Carol!! I LOVE it!
    p.s. you have an award waiting at my blog, CONGRATS!
    Hope you have a nice weekend,