Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am in shock.....

I wanted all the good people to know that there are bad people who are now training kids to be bad. Last night during work a manager came to me with a look I hadn't seen before. She stated that a customer had come to her, whispered in her ear that he had seen a woman with child, outside the store. He hesitated than continued. He said that the mother pulled the pants down the child's legs and he pooed in front of the doors. The child preceded to piddle.

Now I know these words are simple but they hurt me to write them. What would make a person do that, we have a restroom. We are as nice as we can be and we ask for people to write surveys. This is so unbelievable that I find myself shaking my head and denying my writing. But when a person has to clean up someone else's poo. You find it sickening.

There are not morals to this story, but wanted people to know things like this happen and hurt the workers, not the store. See the store didn't clean it up, the nice manager, that has treated me with extra kindness was the clean up crew.



  1. You have to wonder about the sanity of people like this.

  2. How ridiculously rude! Last year during the tiny town that I live in's 4th of July parade, we saw a couple go behind a trailer parked in the yard across from us where we were remodeling our guest house...they changed their baby's diaper there and LEFT IT in our yard. What is WRONG with people???