Friday, December 17, 2010

Austin is home.

First I must say that she is a he. Austin is a Cartahoula Leopard mix dog. We adapted him yesterday from the Greenville Humane Society.

Yesterday when John and I left for the adventure of 2010 we rode quietly. I'm sure we were both thinking that we had better be sure we were ready. I knew I was and yet I was just a little nervous. We never, ever, return a dog. The moment I put it in my arms, it was family.

Pulling up to the Humane Society was something I had felt before but only years ago; excitement. I held back the tears because I didn't know if Austin was present. As we walked the isle down to the puppy room, I worked so hard at not crying. Once we entered, this little spirit reached out to John, I wanted to view others, but every time I looked back, this little heart had stold mine.

Austin was coming home. With no more experience in his life than two and a half months old, he knew the heart strings to pull. We are once again blessed with a even tempered dog. The question is what was he mixed with and how big he is going to get. But once in love, that all seems unimportant.

What a great Christmas gift from such a great guy.


  1. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

    Austin looks adorable! Thank you for choosing a shelter dog!!

    The little 10lb puppy I found out in the middle of the street is a rottweiler mix - at about six months she's already 80lbs! I hope whatever her "mix" is, it stops at 80lbs!

  2. Carol, I'm so happy for you too!! I can't wait to read about the joy (and messes) Austin brings!!
    Cara xoxo