Sunday, December 5, 2010

A gallon of paint and patients.

I am always asked if I love to paint. My answer is... I love the end product, not the process. Picking the colors is probably the most fun. I think it goes back to my artist background. Once painted the product is either what I expected or not. And yet I love the ending regardless of the final effect.

This is my living room. You can see the lack of color made the room very cool and unwelcoming. This was the only thing that had to change fast. So in January the painting took place. Hope you can appreciate the change like I did.
I plan to paint the remainder walls a dark taupe when all my colors are other rooms are finished. I decided to wait because of the creative construction of this house. More photos to come.

What a gallon of paint won't do.

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  1. It looks amazing, warm and vibrant at the same time. Smooches!