Saturday, August 7, 2010

The girls out for a walk.

Our next stop was at the second youngest brothers in Becker. The boys, John and my brother, were getting ready for their annual trip to Canada to catch the big one. As we relaxed in their beautiful pine lined porch, drinking wine and chatting, the gals came for a little treat. With their little one wandering around the yard eating all sorts of treats. We were speechless and couldn't take our eyes off them.

What a vacation this was turning out to be. Less than a week and already our trip was taking it's shape and presenting us with such beauty. Not to say of the time spent laughing and talking about unimportant things. That's what I love about family. We can meld together as if we had been together the day before.

I have to say the talk from the boys was, well should we say, about fishing. The trip would start the next morning at 3:00am. But not for us gals. We planned to sleep in.

Life is truly great with great family.
God Bless all those who venture through my little Internet home.


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  1. Family is great. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself and those turkeys are so cute!