Friday, February 27, 2009

South Carolina a great place.

No pictures to offer because I am sitting in Anderson S.C. at a wonderful hotel. John and I took a little vacation to this great place. Being from Minnesota you often want the same feeling as home when thinking of moving. Not that I am saying that tomorrow I will leave my great home but maybe in the future.

John and I have spent many days traveling through the country side looking at homes and golf courses. Yes golf courses. One might say that if we move we need to be close to one of those. Someone once told me that if you throw a nickle out the back door you more than likely can hit a golf course. Smile. Well maybe not that close but I have to say there are plenty and they golf all year round. I am thinking, husband out of my hair.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Just Don't Think Group

Let me introduce you to the group. There is always a group that gets together regardless of good sense and that is where the name of the group comes from. We never hesitate to get together whether it means traveling together or meeting for a Christmas tree burning party. Somehow we never think it out.

Valentines weekend is one of those weekend. Three couples travel to our home to have a little cheer and drink a little wine, oh maybe a lot of wine. And partake of too much food. This group has been meeting for over 20 years at our house. I might add that we never invited them to come. Marv, and his wife Diane started the movement. It all started one weekend in our rustic cabin, that weekend it was 20 below and our cabin was not fully insulated due to it being under construction. Diane, after the first night, said she was going to sleep in the fridge. When ask why, she said that the water on the counter was frozen, but the water in the fridge was not. No further questions asked.

We have grown to love each other not only for our compatibility but for our differences. And to top it all off this is our family. From left to right is, my blood brother Vern, Dorothy his wife, John my man, Marv another blood brother, Dar wife of the last guy in the picture, Gene. Diane was missing and we always miss someone who just doesn't think and plans a trip during this time. We love her anyway.
When you see wood products on my sites, brother Gene is the creative person behind the items he is truly talented. Most of my family is.

In closing I wish you all great friends, and if they are family you are truly blessed.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What's this vacation thing?

Ok, here I am a few days from vacation and already I am having night sweats. What do I bring, can I remember all the little things, am I a little crazy? The answer is, that I am out of practice. I decided long ago if you don't do things often you will probably work harder.

What has that got to do with vacation you ask. Being a crazy person sometimes works well for me. I blame a lot on it. Like this for example. Everyone loves vacation. I always find the work it takes to leave town tiring. It's the packing, alerting everyone you are leaving, figuring out what you are taking with you, well if I stay home I have everything and everything in it's place.

The secret is to do the work not say anything, get into the car and realize than and only than am I excited. Will it be worth it, yes.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A day at the office...

I thought you should see the world that gives me inspiration. I love my life. I have been blessed with a beautiful office. Known as my art area, and sanity stabilizer nook. You ask what is a sanity stabilizer nook? Well, it is where I go to be surrounded with everything that gives me peace of mind. Every piece of paper, ruler and roll of tape makes the real world seem less crazy, for a while anyway.

I often think that God is where my creativity resides. I know that sounds strange but He is where my creativity comes from and for that reason I think I feel close to him here.

Have a great day and God Bless.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is it Creativity or Luck ?

I will give the information and you make the decision. It always starts with the client. I do a lot of custom cards. In fact my largest sales are in custom orders. So this article is going to be about one of these cards. My niece ordered a wedding card. First go into my book of words to find out what I am going to us. This book of words is a collection of sentiments I have created over the years. I chose my sentiment, but these words were written for a card on the day of the wedding. Alisa needed a wedding card for a reception a month later. The words had to change to reflect the difference in time.

The next step, once the words are selected is the tone of the card. I had a photo in mind so there we go. I started with the photo, a beautiful tulip shot taken by Brandy, a friend. How was it going together, one piece at a time, that never changes. Base paper, designer paper, each laying out on my drawing table till my heart sings yes. The picture you see is the materials I decided on. I always do a dry run. Sometimes at this point I have to add or delete a process. But as the card builds, and hopefully I don't glue before the piece is ready to go down gives me the chance for the last thoughts. The last thoughts are what makes the card. In this case it is the butterflies the gems. The dry run turned out good but not as great as the one that followed.

Finally the process is done and the card is being pressed under weight to seal all the corners and making it dry extremely flat. I always leave my card for 24 hours. Mostly because after working hard on it, I seem to be too close to the project. The next morning when I take it out of press is when I know if I created something special or just another good card. I have to say that in the morning, it always looks different and better than the night before.
I finish it by packaging it in a plastic sleeve that shows the envelope and the words that are in the inside of the card.

So what do you think creativity or luck.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Detail Becomes Passion

Someone ask me what makes my cards different from the thousands that are out there for sale? It's a hard question to hear, I tell them there are people out their having fun with paper, some just wanted to have a fun and then there is me and others like me who have a passion. Passion is important it makes cutting a piece of paper exciting. I have been designing and drawing since I was little. So this is just an extension of me.
I love each card as though it is a priceless piece of art. I think being a graphic designer for 20 years made me aware of each process it takes to create the masterpiece. Yes, I call it a masterpiece. I do this because I love to create. And what makes me excited is thinking someone out their will smile or maybe shed a tear with delight when receiving a card designed by me.

But for now, I am the passion behind my designing and that is everything.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Brain on Steroids

Is it just me or do you wake up in the middle of the night and have a brain storm? It's not that you remember why you woke up, just that you woke up. Then while laying there patiently waiting to go back to sleep your mind starts planning. At first it is nothing important, like, when will you go under that bed and bring out all those dust bunnies, maybe shave your legs and how many times you'll cut yourself. But the worst part for me is when I get inspired and there is no stopping my mind. What colors do I use, what kind of artwork will make it wonderful. Will someone smile or cry when receiving the card.

I did that when I worked as a graphic designer, I never designed at work, it was in the car or in bed. Then when I got to work I would produce my product. I still do that, the problem is that my office is in my home. I find myself trying to sneak out of the bedroom while slipping on my slippers and making my way to my drawing board. I usually make it too.

But what you don't know is that I have to get my beauty sleep. Yes beauty sleep, as you get older it's of major importance. I really want to know if you suffer from brain on steroids? Am I alone out here....and is there a cure. God Bless you all !

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

His Best Catch...Me!

Funny how I show you a picture of my husband John and a fish, not of us. But after 22 years you see things a little different. He is hunter, fisherman, golfer, and business man. And he is mine. Johns blood runs hot with French Indian, and true American. I used to say, "I dated the Frenchman and married the Indian." I was right, he is so easy going that at times I have to see if he is still breathing. He is by far the most steadfast person I have ever met. He brings balance to the German he married. I love that part of him. But he is a man.....

Flowers and gifts don't show up out of the blue, every once and while I say, with a smile so sly, I feel flowers coming from someone soon. Than after a month, it happens. See he makes sure I don't get them when I ask. But the man loves me. I know this how? Because after 22 years of me he is still sticking around.

After writing this I guess he is my greatest catch. Don't tell him. He thinks he is the lucky one.