Monday, July 13, 2009

The winner is.....

Oh boy, no one won, was it too hard or are you like me, crazy busy. Well lets say crazy busy. I would feel better. So a new plan is in the making. I promised that I would give two cards away and I am still going to do just that. I also said it was for the celebration of my 100th follower. And it will be two followers out of the first 100 friends.

I gave my husband the hard duty of picking two numbers. One number will be between 1-49 the other will be 50-100. He has given me the numbers but now I have to figure out who you are. You will see the two winners on my site by Wednesday. The winners will e-mail me with your choice of card, your address and I will send you a card with love.

I will hold another with my 200th followers for the 100 and over followers. This is so fun. Good luck guys. Oh ya, this photo of a bone was displayed with a card in both sites.

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  1. Hi, Carol! Like your new look soo relaxed and happy, but why not!? You're on Balsam Ponds :o)