Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's a Party

I would love to give all my friends and followers a free card from my collection but you would truly deplete my inventory. So to celebrate my 100 follower here is my plan. I will give you a clue, and you will go to either my Artfire or Etsy site and do a search. This clue will give you what you need to find the hidden item.

When you find the item in my card photos you will go to the e-mail address and let me know where you found it. When the week comes to a close I will choose a winner, if there are more than one winner on either site I will do a drawing. Both sites will have a winner.

When the winners (2) are announced via the e-mail and on this site, I will delete your e-mail addresses and the address you are to send the answer to.

Who can apply? Anyone who reads this blog.

Time allowed for the party: July 6th through July 13th.

Winners will be announced on July 15th on this blog.

The clue is: Sniff it out and you will get a treat

e-mail address:

Subject line on e-mail should read - lets party, mostly because I don't open everything I get.

When the winners are picked I will ask what card you want. There is no cost to the winners. Just a simple thank you for those who warm my heart.
The party is on. Good luck to all my friends.


  1. interestingly complex ! :)
    but good fun !!!

  2. Is this too hard. Let me know

  3. Hello Carol, I am presenting you with a Lovely Blog award. Thank you for your friendship and for always writing such a "lovely blog". Hugs! Katherine (html image of the award will not post)
    Sorry, perhaps you can copy it from my blog :-)
    Feel free to pass it on if you like