Monday, July 13, 2009

When you really need a friend.

I have been working the Internet for about one and a half years. I started up with my small greeting card business on etsy, then artfire, traveling to social networks, starting a blog all to get people to see my product.

I was told to go out and be seen, I found a few social networks. All were fun but I wasn't sure why I was spending time there, was it doing me any good? The time I spent was to me, very valuable and I had to think this over, will I stay at the social networks? The funny thing was that I had joined one social network that was for friendship only. It claimed if you wanted to meet positive people then this is the place for you.

A week and a half ago we lost a dear friend. You might have read it in my previous posts. Seeing that I have lots of friends on my social networks I said I wouldn't be around to talk for a week due to Mike dying. This social network called Friendship Society was so supportive, not the site but all the people that make up this site. I had more virtual hugs then you could imagine. I decided I had to stay there and support others and laugh with them when the occasion arises.

There is a person with such a big heart she had to start this site. Katie you are amazing and I am glad I found you and your site.

For all you who love meeting people that make your life more joyful this is the site for you. Here is the site address


  1. God Bless you my beautiful friend for your kind words about our wonderful community the Friendship Society grows in the strength of friendship every day. I stand by my desire and commitment to build a community of positive friends around the world. No gimmicks, just pure friendship. It is my heart’s desire to spread caring, support, and love and do it all in a positive community. I am so happy to hear you have been the recipient of all of the above. I am honored to call you friend. Biggest Hugs Katherine
    ( a.k.a. Katie)

  2. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Stopping by to let you know you're on my list of blogs I ♥ visiting!

    Have a great Saturday!