Saturday, June 6, 2009

Timber's World according to me, Timber!

There are days in my life that outshine others, when John takes me for a spin in my Truck, playtime for just the two of us. Then there is Carol, her constant need for attention often wears me out, however, her loving me is worth the work. I overheard John say that Carol was his biggest job. If he only knew.

There are things I find important to insure they, my people are happy. Every morning I run into the bedroom to thank them for breakfast. I play with John after breakfast, and when it is cold and Carol is tired, I will take a nap with her on her lap. Great job.

But this is the best, my new toy, yes it is a hot dog, and it squeaks. Be still my heart. I never get tired of the squeak. You should see my people when they hear the squeak, the smile. I love the smiles. I play with them, as you can see in the photo, John is truly getting into it. Don't you just love that. But after all is said and done I lay facing them, waiting for the laughter to settle and I can go back to my nap.

Probably will take my new toy with me for safe keeping, John really looked like he like it just a little too much. So for now, the household is mine and I rule.


  1. Awww Timber don't worry - Carol won't let John take your toy - it's all yours :)

  2. Hey Timber!
    After John monopolizes your chewy always have Carol's new high heels to chew not to worry!

  3. Hey Timber old mate,
    Squeaky toys are the best, sadly mine dont last long, I enjoy them so much I chew the squeak out of them. Happy squeaking
    Mickey, Yap