Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Right Words

A few years ago my mother died, she was 91 years old. While going through the few things she still owned, a prayer book appeared. I myself, believe in fate. I believe that things happen for a reason. I truly believe the prayer book was meant to be mine.

I remember my mom reading from it and when done she would place it back in her purse. I loved seeing it in her hands, for two reasons, my mothers hands were beautiful and almost perfect just like the words I am going to share with you.

Even if you have no belief I am sure the words will make you feel good. Words are powerful but when put together in a loving way they are even more powerful. This prayer book doesn't have the prayer printed in the pages but a prayer cut out of some mystery publication and lovingly put in the back of this prayer book.

I hope that you enjoy it my dear friends.

God never promised us skies always blue.
A flower-strewn pathway our whole lives thro
God never promised us sun without rain, joy
with sorrow, peace without pain.
But God has promised us strength for the day
rest for the laborer, light for our way.
Grace for our trials, help from above.
Unfailing sympathy, undying love.

I myself love this prayer and use it often. I love my mother for the little things she gave me. My belief in a here after, a little prayer that seems to give me what I need most these days, and God for giving me hope in human kind when there seems to be a lack of it.

God Bless those who follow me and those who wander through my little peace of heaven.



  1. Hi Carol - My mother passed in October 2006, but the year before, she visited me and gave me two of her rings, insisting that I take them, even though on a deeper level I was reluctant as I knew why she was giving them to me and facing the prospect of losing someone you love is hard to accept.
    Anyway, I wore one of those rings on Saturday evening. Each time I wear one of her rings it feels as though we are holding hands. I can stroke the ring and the stone and feel even closer to her as though she is still physically present and not just present in my dreams or in the signs that appear in my life when I am vigilant.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem.

  2. Hi Carol,
    Great post! Thank you for posting that prayer. Sometimes it's important to realize what is important in our life. Lately, too much has gone wrong and we wonder sometimes whether it is all worth it. But love is important and the love you have for your mother shows in the way you have displayed her photo and told us about her beautiful hands. I also lost my mother, but it was almost twenty years ago and I also believe in fate. I am so glad that you were able to find her prayer book. I'm happy for you for gaining some peace from it.

    I remember after my own mother died I couldn't look at pictures of her for years. I had all of the photos she had arranged on the piano and having inherited the piano I might have put them up there. But only recently have I been able to look at her. But sometimes I feel that she is watching over me and protecting me.

  3. beautiful post, Carol!

    thank you for sharing
    a story that touches you...
    it touches us, too.


  4. It's a beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing it. My Mom passed away about 7 years ago and I love to look through her missal and seeing the extra things that she left in it ..... her little extra prayers and thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello Carol
    Thankyou for sharing, Your mother sounds like she was a beautiful inspiring person and a shining light to those around her. Now I know where her lovely daughter gets it from. Never stop being the beautiful person you are Carol

  6. Nothing has taught me more than experiencing the physical loss of my mother. Like you all say, I treasure her spiritual presence, here with me now. I'm learning to pay attention to signs - to Guidance - and feel I am being shown more and more.
    Thank you for your inspiring story and this beautiful testimonial.

  7. I think that losing your Mother is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. For the longest time, all I could think of was that I no longer had my Mommy. Mothers are the one person that you can count on no matter what. I also found my mothers prayer books about 3 years after she passed. . Unfortunately they are in German. I don't remember enough to read them.