Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Capri's...pretty scary.

Today I did it, I spent time looking for a new pair of Capri's. I was stable when I walked into the store. And as I passed the fun t-shirts on my way to the pants I said to myself, normal for me, do I really need a new pair? That person in my head who sees my hips like a double wide trailer wants to walk back to the door and escape.

But today I braved it out and first had to figure out where my figure fits in all the little shops in the big store. My vision blurred and yet I went ahead and found my one rack. You may think I am joking but listen. I am not that big and yet not small. I am tall, and have seen my figure change with gravity and 57 years of being on this planet.

The thing that made me smile was the tag that said, Carol you are going to love these pants, they will fit like nothing you have ever worn. Ha! I wanted to see that. But as you can see the tags remain on the pants. Tomorrow I will take the next step, try them on. But for tonight, I feel I succeeded on my first goal. For tomorrow may not be my day, but today was.


  1. oooh new capris !! they look super comfy and I'm sure you're gonna look great in them !

    might I add - there is NO WAY I would have guessed that you're 57 !! you look much much younger - late 30's / early 40's is what I would have given you (based on my readings as well)

    show those sexy capris off :)

  2. Carol, thank you so much for your prayers

  3. Cute pants. I feel your pain. Shopping is always a nightmare for me. I end up doing a lot of it on the internet and then I have to pay to basically try things on! I am tall and need an inseam of 35" so capris for me are usually just really long shorts, giggle. You're beautiful inside and out sweet friend. Hugs!!! Katherine

  4. I hope those capris fit, they are so cute! I am the same way, shopping for me is a long nightmare. I alawys find something that fits in teh waist but too big in the legs. Or Ill find something that works nice on the legs but not the waist. The battles us women go through:)

  5. You are a brave woman - shopping for pants! It is one of those things I detest.... it is always so depressing, lol!