Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stars & Strips Forever.

With the Fourth of July right around the corner. I start thinking of the gals and guys who fight so hard for our freedom. I myself have five out of six brothers that served. Four never saw fighting, but one did. It's hard to tell them how proud I am. Just because they didn't see fighting doesn't mean they're not brave. They knew when they signed up what the contract said. So that makes them brave.

So last year I designed two types of cards. One saying that we are proud of our country and one that says thanks. I sold all the thank you cards so you will not see an example of that card. But here is the other. I plan once again this year to send my brothers a card saying thanks. They are what America is made of. Land of the proud, because of the brave.

To my brothers, I love you and am so proud. God Bless you.


  1. That brought goosebumps to my arms !!!! Great cards too :)

  2. Carol
    What a great tribute to your brothers. The cards are beautiful!

    I saw where you live in MN, my husband and I have been through your town to get to his parents place!!! What a small world!!

    God Bless