Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Warm Winter Thoughts

Winter in the South is a real change for a gal that spent most of her life in Minnesota. 

This is what I looked out upon in our Minnesota home.
This is our third winter and everyday is an experience worth having.  We've only enjoyed one real snow fall.  It was only three or four inches of snow that graced our warm southern soil.  We knew it wouldn't last but we treated it as though it was a holiday. 

Our community is ill equipped for snow removal and why should they, it only snowed once in the two full winters we have been here.

Children and parents alike pulled out the sled they store from year to year in hopes for just that, a sliding holiday.  Also knowing that the road we drive on is turned into a sliding slop and will be safe for at least one day. 

If the snow doesn't come we enjoy our gardens of winter plants and marvel at their growth.  For example, Saturday two weeks ago, I worked in the garden at my Home Depot.  Because it was 76 degrees, I sold more pansy's than the full week and in between I sold Christmas trees.  At the end of each transaction I wished the person "Merry Christmas," as I peered into their eyes I saw a smile, they also knew the weather wasn't matching the season.  But with a warm smile on their face Merry Christmas was their reply. 

With every experience, I find a memory that will be mine.  It's my gift to me.

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