Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sadness is it bad?

I don't believe a journey is always where you go, what we say, and do.  I think it's also how we feel and what we do with it.

Whether we are happy, sad, depressed or angry we must choose how to proceed forward.  I haven't spent much with anger, and feel blessed for this.

Depression has darkened a very small amount of time in my 60 years.  It's ability to eat away at rational thought is truly frightening. But I'm not here today to talk about something so serious and often all consuming for those in the depth of depression.

Sadness on the other hand is like the Grinch that sold Christmas.  Instead of growing his heart three times it's size, with love, my heart feels as thought it weight is three times heavier.

Is feeling sadness bad?  I don't believe it is. We are on a journey of good and evil.  We need to feel and know that things around us are not right.  That a wrong took place. It's not denial, it reality and that draws on our feeling. Just like our good times, we must grab it and own it. 

When I accepted sadness, I could see others that were sad. It gave me the ability to reach out.  To let them know they are not alone.  I have reached out and in return been reached.  Not with words but often with a true warm smile, and knowing I'm not alone.  There is peace in knowing that.

How wonderful it is to see it as just another step in my journey through this life.  To what I hope is more understanding, to see other's pain, warming just a small part of their day as they do mine.

To all that visit my little blog, step out, smile when you are sad and all around you will win.  Maybe you will warm someones day. 

God Bless

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