Monday, June 25, 2012

Sheers to you.

We were so excited with the temporary umbrella idea to add shade while Mother Nature takes here time in creating a natural roof over our deck and over the pergola.  Now we had to tackle the sun coming up in the early morning hours.  As we enjoyed a cup of coffee and looked out over our gardens, we realized the sun early in the morning was hot. Yes, we know we're living in the South and hence heat is what the summer is all about. 

I had seen outdoor curtains in the magazines and love them.  However, most were really heavy and would block out all the light. We decided to travel to a few overstock places that sold curtain, pillows and bedding.  To our surprise we could get sheers very affordable.  We purchased two panels, followed by a trip to Lowe's for a PVC pipe, and two clothes rod holders. 

Even though it was overly hot outside we decided to install the sheers.  We understand that we might only get two summers out of the sheers, we could live with this because we also have a Crape Myrtle that would be cover that area in the future.  One other benefit was that it made the deck look so welcoming.

God Bless those who travel through my little journey.

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