Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May the month of change.

Two huge things went on during the month of May, John went through hip replacement surgery and I had to take a long look in the mirror and face a possible job change. 

I wanted to write about the surgery.  John is so important to my happiness.  We have spent 25 years together and realize we are the best that can happen to either of us.  I didn't want it to change.  I knew John's hip replacement surgery was important to his mobility and freedom to follow his dream, golfing.  In the past years I noticed change in his gate and getting up out of chairs. 

Surgery was also very scary, no matter what my mind knew, my heart was not sure it believed my mind.  We both stayed brave, going into it as though nothing was going to go wrong.  We both knew the reality and made decisions on where important papers were stored.

With prayers said, John went into surgery, forty five minutes later, the doctor came out and said he did well.  For a minute the world stopped and I knew I had just been given a gift from God. It's been three weeks and he is doing great.  We just went to the doctor today he can now take car trips.  However, he can't hang his head out the window.  Can't ask for more.

God Bless

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